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DWP 10

Original instructions for use

Information about the documentation

About this documentation

  • Read this documentation before initial operation or use. This is a prerequisite for safe, trouble-free handling and use of the product.
  • Observe the safety instructions and warnings in this documentation and on the product.
  • Always keep the operating instructions with the product and make sure that the operating instructions are with the product when it is given to other persons.


Symbols in this documentation
Image alternative Read the operating instructions before use.
Image alternative Instructions for use and other useful information
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Symbols on the product
Image alternative Read the operating instructions
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Product information

Image alternative products are designed for professional users and only trained, authorized personnel are permitted to operate, service and maintain the products. This personnel must be specifically informed about the possible hazards. The product and its ancillary equipment can present hazards if used incorrectly by untrained personnel or if used not in accordance with the intended use.
The type designation and serial number are printed on the rating plate.
  • Write down the serial number in the table below. You will be required to state the product details when contacting Hilti Service or your local Hilti organization to inquire about the product.
    Product information
    Water supply unit
    DWP 10
    Serial number:


Safety instructions

  • Never tamper with or modify the product in any way.
  • Never tamper with or modify the safety valve in any way.
  • Children and minors may not use this product.
  • Never fill hydrogen peroxide or other oxygen emitting media.
  • On contact with materials of the water pressure tank, explosive pressure increases are possible.
  • Check to ensure that the water supply unit does not exceed the maximum operating temperature.
  • If it exceeds the maximum operating temperature, explosive pressure increases are possible.
  • Watch the pressure gage at all times during pumping in order not to exceed the max. operating pressure.
  • Empty the tank daily after use.
  • Never leave residues in the tank.
  • Store the product in a dry place where it cannot be accessed by children or unauthorized persons.


Product overview

Image alternative
  1. Tank
  2. Filling quantity display
  3. Locating pin
  4. Pressure gage
  5. Safety valve
  6. Pump
  7. Hose plug-in nipple with ball valve
  8. Hose
  9. Hose plug-in nipple
  10. Drain opening

Intended use

The product described here is a water pressure tank for distributing coolants and flushing liquids on drilling rigs, concrete saws or angle grinders. Water is generally used for this purpose.

Possible misuse

This product is not suitable for:
  • Flammable liquids
  • Hydrogen peroxide and similar oxygen emitting media
  • Caustic substances (certain disinfectants and impregnating agents, acids, alkaline solutions)
  • Liquids containing ammonia
  • Solvents and liquids containing solvents
  • Viscous or sticky liquids or those that form residues (paints, grease)
  • Use in food sector
This product may not be used under any circumstances:
  • With external pressure sources
  • For warehousing and storage of liquids
  • As an eye wash

Items supplied

Tank with pump, hose with connectors, instructions for use.
Other system products approved for use with this product can be found at your local Hilti Store or at: www.hilti.group | USA: www.hilti.com

Technical data

The tank material consists of steel with a polyester coating.
Tare weight
5.2 kg
Total content
13 ℓ
Maximum filling quantity
10 ℓ
Technical residual quantity
0.03 ℓ
Maximum operating pressure
6 bar
Maximum operating temperature
40 ℃

Preparations at the workplace

Assembling water supply unit

Image alternative
  1. Check whether the tank, pump and hose are undamaged before assembly.
  2. Connect the hose on the drain opening [1].
  3. Pump up the empty water supply unit to 2 bar [2].
    • The pressure must not drop by more than 0.5 bar within 30 minutes!
  4. Pull the red button of the safety valve for checking [3].
    • The pressure must be released.

Fill water supply unit

Image alternative
  1. Fill the water into the tank [1].
  2. Check the fill level on the hose [2].
  3. Route the transparent hose several times on the tank from top to bottom [3].
    • The liquid level in the hose and tank are equalized. The liquid level visible in the hose then matches the filling level in the tank, which you can read off on the scale.

Preparing water supply unit

Image alternative
  1. Screw the pump into the tank [1].
  2. Press the pump handle downward and turn it clockwise [2].
    • The pump handle has been released.
  3. Generate a pressure of approx. 2 bar in the tank [3].
    • The maximum pressure should not exceed 6 bar (red line on the pressure gage). If the maximum pressure is exceeded, the safety valve is actuated and releases the excess pressure.
  4. Press the pump handle downward and turn it counterclockwise.
    • The pump handle is locked.


Image alternative
  1. Connect the plug-in connector of the water pressure tank with the plug-in nipple [1].
  2. Actuate the ball valve.
    • The liquid supply begins.
    • The liquid quantity can be regulated with the ball valve.
  3. Continue pumping if the pressure drops below 1 bar [2].
  4. When the tank is empty, refill it.

After use

Image alternative
  1. Pull up the red button of the safety valve until the tank is completely depressurized.
  2. Close the ball valve and disconnect the plug-in connection and plug-in nipple [1].
  3. Lock the pump handle.
  4. Screw the pump out of the tank.
  5. Drain the remaining water from the tank.
  6. Wipe off the water supply unit with a damp cloth.
  7. Coil the hose around the tank and mount the plug-in connection on the locating pin of the water supply unit [2].
  8. Keep the water supply unit in a dry, frost-free environment protected from direct sunlight for drying and storage.

Care and maintenance

Care and maintenance work

Image alternative
  1. Check the unit at regular intervals.
    • We recommend having an expert conduct an external inspection every 2 years and an internal inspection every 5 years, as well as a strength test every 10 years
  2. Dismantle the pump [1] and grease the O-ring [a] is and the sleeve [b].
  3. Always carry out this maintenance after using the unit 50 times, however at least once a year!
    To help ensure safe and reliable operation, use only genuine Hilti spare parts and consumables. Spare parts, consumables and accessories approved by Hilti for use with the product can be found at your local Hilti Store or online at: www.hilti.group .


If the trouble you are experiencing is not listed in this table or you are unable to remedy the problem by yourself, please contact Hilti Service.

Troubleshooting table

Trouble or fault
Possible cause
Action to be taken
The water supply unit does not build up any pressure
Pump is not screwed on tightly
  • Screw on the pump tightly.
O-ring on the pump is defective
  • Have the power tool repaired by Hilti Service.
Sleeve is defective
  • Have the power tool repaired by Hilti Service.
Liquid escapes from the pump at the top
Valve disk is dirty or defective
  • Clean the valve disk or have the unit repaired by Hilti Service.
Safety valve vents too early
Safety valve is defective
  • Have the tool repaired by Hilti Service.
Pressure gage indicates no tank pressure
Pressure gage is defective
  • Have the power tool repaired by Hilti Service.


Image alternative Do not dispose of this product in household waste!
Most of the materials from which Hilti tools, appliances and devices are manufactured can be recycled. The materials must be correctly separated before they can be recycled. In many countries, your old tools, machines or appliances can be returned to Hilti for recycling. Ask Hilti Service or your Hilti sales representative for further information.

Manufacturer's information

The products HILTI DWP10 of the series 3585 meet the requirements of the Pressure Equipment Directive 2014/68/EU and bear the CE marking.
Please contact your local Hilti representative if you have questions about the warranty conditions.